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Exeter Photonics Society

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I have been elected president of the Exeter Photonics society, a student run collective focusing on outreach, industry connections, and socializing.

I designed a new logo for the society.

Exeter Photonics logo

We use Baron as the typeface.


I designed some t-shirts for the society also.

Exeter Photonics t-shirt

If you would like to order one, please feel free to order one.


Dartmoor Stargazing

I helped organize a trip to Dartmoor national park, 25 February 2022 for around 60 people. I was in charge of designing the social media promotions, and ticket sales. Stargazing poster

IoP Festival of Physics

I helped run a stall where we explained scientific demos to middle school aged children. We had two tables in the Exeter Forum.

Pint of Science

We helped out with the local branch of the national pint of science event. We brought a number of demos along. I was using a very diluted milk solution in a glass bottle with a bright white torch at the bottom to demonstrate why the sky looks blue during the day, then red at sunrise/sunset.

Industry visits

Torbay Hi-Tech cluster

I presented a poster, and organized a work trip to Torbay Hi-Tech Cluster’s Research and Innovation Conference. John Kilpatrick in front of poster

Effect Photonics

On 16th June 2022, I organized a tour of the facilities at Effect Photonics, a telecoms company with a focus on photonics. We toured both the Brixham assembly facilities and the Paignton testing campus. Multiple people from Exeter photonics standing in front of a seaside harbour on the balcony of Effect Photonics Brixham