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Make your own hologram!

Friday, 24 Nov 2023

Some transparent paper and a laser is all you need to print your own hologram

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Make your own AI Chatbot

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2023

Not affiliated with ChatGPT

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Business Cards

Monday, 2 Jan 2023

How I made my AR-infused business cards

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Shiny new site

Friday, 30 Dec 2022

Why use an existing website template when you can design your own in 10X the time? The story of how I re-made my person website in Astro

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Exeter Photonics Society

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2022

A list of our student run activities!

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Poor Man's AR

Wednesday, 13 Apr 2022

Augmented Reality equipment is hard to come by, why not try a version that only requires a webcam that tracks your head?

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I Love MathML

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022

MathML is a language for displaying maths/equations in the Browser, but the major providers are hampering its use.

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But What is a Hologram?

Tuesday, 21 Dec 2021

You've probably heard of a hologram, but did you know that not only are they real, but they're useful.

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Reverse-mode Automatic Differentiation

Friday, 1 Oct 2021

Most deep learning requires calculation of a lot of gradients very quickly. Doing this by hand is tedious, so let's get a computer to it for us.

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